Education Professional Development A PD 360 Case Study - Manassas City Public Schools, VA


Manassas City Public Schools (MCPS) is positioned in Manassas City, Virginia, "a small network that provides large opportunities to its residents." As a district of 6,866 college students in ten faculties, its length is likewise a plus and allows the group of workers to get to realize the children as individuals and increase personal education plans to make sure that those man or woman desires are met. The district advantages from all the benefits a smaller metropolis offers and feels a real sense of network with a collaborative bond among domestic and college that works to ensure the success of each scholar.

Manassas City Public Schools embraces its venture to teach and develop effective, accountable, and contributing residents of local and worldwide groups. It is a school machine that enjoys variety as a tough and balanced gaining knowledge of experience. The dedicated and fantastically qualified group of workers is prepared with ample assets and critical partnerships with own family, community, business, and government.

MCPS is very pleased with its superb instructional staff...
• 18 National Board Certified Teachers
• one hundred% Highly Qualified Teachers (according to No Child Left Behind necessities)
• 52.Three% Licensed team of workers with publish-graduate levels


Even with an superb teaching workforce, MCPS has an ongoing choice to usually better its expert development (PD) on the way to offer top notch scholar training. This approach giving its instructors the maximum complete PD available.

Dr. Michaelene Meyer, MCPS Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, desired to hike up the quality as well as streamline the PD manner. She looked for a process-embedded resource that teachers ought to get entry to straight away when they wanted it and revel in instantaneous achievement.


Dr. Meyer have been a dedicated user of School Improvement Network's The Video Journal of Education video products for decades. When she become added to PD 360, also from School Improvement Network, she knew she had found a extremely good answer for MCPS.


PD 360 is the leading on-demand expert getting to know aid for educators with over seven hundred,000 subscribers. Teachers, administrators, expert mastering groups, coaches, and many others., have get admission to to over 1,four hundred listed and searchable video segments that present actual, fine-exercise classroom examples. Each phase includes content material from respected instructional professionals such as Michael Fullan, Rick DuFour, Doug Reeves, Rick Stiggins, and many others. PD 360 may be used to create a established gaining knowledge of revel in for an man or woman trainer, expert mastering network, or entire faculty. It bridges the gap between education and lecture room implementation with process-embedded observe-up, tracking, and mirrored image gear. PD 360 also offers educators get admission to to an online network of coaching professionals that permits interplay and collaboration either within a district or across the USA and round the world. See a demonstration at pd360.Com.


One 12 months into its use, Dr. Meyer has already placed many applications of PD 360 into vicinity, together with:

• A Three-Year Implementation Plan for Targeted Goals and Actions


First Year

All Educators Registered on PD 360
Required to Watch Two Segments &
Answer Reflection Questions

Second Year

English Language Learners - A District Wide Approach
Everyone Watch and Complete Whole ELL Program & Use in PLC's, Forums, & Faculty Meetings

Third Year

Implementation and Targeted Goals
Principals Make Building Level Plan to Align with District Plan

• English Language Learners
MCPS is having incredible success with its ELL education framework. During the coming school yr, MCPS will be the usage of PD 360 for an all-inclusive district huge method to its 38% ELL population. PD 360 ELL segments may be used in school conferences, PLC's, and boards to teach and start discussions on strategies and motels that actively contain ELL college students in learning.

• New Teacher Training
MCPS has re-vamped its complete starting coaching software with using PD 360 incorporated into seminars, with follow-up courses for the PLC conferences they preserve among seminars. Because Dr. Meyer feels it's far crucial to train new teachers to apply PD 360, they are right away introduced to it as a teaching resource. When there may be an problem of their classrooms, they can be directed to segments of programs which include Classroom Management, Differentiated Instruction, and lots of greater. PD 360 is likewise a very good base for helping new teachers understand implementation of the district and school dreams.

• Teachers Who Struggle
Principals have been educated and are now helping instructors who struggle by suggesting particular PD 360 segments that display what best classroom practices appear like in wanted regions. Each trainer's usage in addition to their solutions to Reflection and Follow-Up Questions may be tracked through the administration to observe growth.

• Walk Throughs
Getting principals into the school rooms has a huge effect on trainer schooling. As principals do lecture room walk-throughs, they could electronic mail specific PD 360 section links which can be applicable to the academic wishes of the academics while presenting smooth and powerful, job-embedded follow-up. Being capable of fast offer immediate remediation on many issues has been useful to both principals and instructors alike.

• Group Trainings
PD 360 makes it easy to customise organization schooling. The digitized Facilitator Guides that accompany video programs provide assistance as district facilitators put together training sessions. Video segments are shared with a set of teachers and PD 360's automatic mirrored image questions are assigned to help teachers put into effect new techniques. The teacher can read instructors' solutions and offer pointers and remarks.

Each branch chair asked to learn in PD 360 and feature started the usage of segments to help share records in department meetings.

• Professional Learning Communities
PD 360 helps PLC's and gives them a stable aid to examine. PLC's watch a PD 360 video segment and speak the way to follow the practices of their school rooms. The accompanying digitized Facilitator Guides offer institution activities, discussion questions, lesson plans, and picture organizers.

• Teacher Certification
Dr. Meyer is operating on and is happy to place into movement a software for instructor certification wherein PD 360 time regarded and Reflection Questions answered could be tracked and applied as credit score.

• Interactive Learning Communities
Through Interactive Learning Communities, teachers present every other with implementation thoughts, participate in dialogue forums, add lesson plans, and proportion web links to helpful resources. Learning Communities can be created as public or personal domain names wherein instructors and administrators can proportion fine practices, analyze from one another, and do away with classroom isolation irrespective of location.


MCPS has located PD 360 to have many benefits that at once benefit it and Dr. Meyer seems ahead to coming across many more.

• Cost Effective
PD 360 has been very value-effective for MCPS. Costing plenty less than conventional expert improvement, it could be purchased with a selection of funding resources to be had to districts and colleges, which include Title I, II, III, IV, V, VII, state funds, basis funds, federal and nation provide monies, math funds, analyzing funds, era budget, and many others. For example, MCPS has been capable of pay for PD 360 with Title II budget.

• Elementary and Secondary Programs
Dr. Meyer became delighted to find a PD aid that provided both Elementary-Focused and Secondary-Centered programs. This offers preparation this is geared to each instructor's lecture room degree.

• Great Educator Response
Teacher reaction to PD 360 has been outstanding. As they are brought to it, educators normally start using the easy search capacity function of the PD 360 internet site to investigate extra topics.

• User Capacity
With one price, educators have limitless get admission to to PD 360 and may view segments and packages as generally as they want and as regularly as they want.

• Accessible
Because PD 360 is an internet and on-demand solution, teachers in the gadget can get admission to it anytime and everywhere they've the Internet. They can log on at home in addition to at paintings, encouraging teacher education on their own time schedule.

• State Approval
The Virginia Department of Education could be very acquainted with School Improvement Network's PD 360 and has been supportive and favorable of its use in districts.

• Large Library of Content
MCPS's educators can right now find the assist they want in the 1,400 absolutely indexed, video learning segments that cope with the maximum pertinent subjects and have smooth seek capacity. In addition, PD 360 continues to add greater packages that are up-to-date and relevant.

• Job Embedded
Professional development must now not be same for every trainer however ought to be attentive to a teacher's daily practices in faculty and scholar needs. As questions and conditions arise in school rooms, instructors can right away locate solutions in PD 360 to improve coaching and give assist whilst needed in preference to looking forward to district workshops. The extensive style of content material in PD 360 ensures that instructors of each enjoy degree can find individualized help when they need it.

"Teachers can not use the excuse that there's no relevancy or significance for them in our professional development program. A big form of options is the beauty of PD 360 and there's relevance for each person."
Dr. Michaelene Meyer
Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
Manassas City Public Schools, Virginia

• Relevant Topics
New, first-rate content is continually being delivered to the up to date PD 360 library supplying a aid that helps teachers keep growing professionally. PD 360 has packages managing nearly each instructional initiative of the past  a long time.

• Research Based and Best Practices
PD 360 programs are constantly studies-primarily based and school room-verified, coping with almost each educational initiative of the beyond two decades. Each program indicates actual classrooms from across the country the usage of the best teaching techniques.

• A Common Voice
PD 360 encourages consistency in a not unusual language and practice. The Focus Objectives guide a more efficient, centered commonality with all educators in the district.

• Individual Accountability
Teachers are empowered to take manipulate in their very own boom through having the whole lot they want to enhance their teaching in one area. Administrators can make sure that PD occurs constantly with PD 360's included tracking, reporting, and follow-up.

• Easy-to-Use Search Features
With masses of absolutely listed and searchable studying segments, teachers and directors can easily discover the solutions they require. PD 360 has everything MCPS instructors need to straight away enhance their coaching and put in force the best classroom practices.

• Real Classroom Examples
Dr. Meyer has been pleased with the huge sort of actual lecture rooms from across the united states which might be shown in each PD 360 application in order that teachers can absolutely see how to implement high-quality practices in their very own classroom management.

"New instructors and instructors who are suffering often can't visualize themselves placing nice practices into action. PD 360 is a hyperlink for bringing in visible professional improvement, which starts offevolved meaningful conversations along with "What does this exercise imply to us?" and "How are we able to put in force it in our lecture rooms?"
Dr. Michaelene Meyer
Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
Manassas City Public Schools, Virginia

• Tracking Features
Administrators can oversee PD utilization with PD 360's included tracking, reporting, and observe-up and could realize which regions need extra reinforcement. The logs they may be imparting are truely tremendous in phrases of the way the motion pictures are encouraging discussion and learning.

• Real Experts
Over one hundred twenty respected training professionals are to be had at every MCPS trainer's fingertips on every occasion wanted. Educators not need to wait to wait meetings, or pay the high fees associated with them, to analyze from acclaimed government.


Dr. Meyer is insuring that Manassas City Public Schools, the small district in the small town, will hold to experience massive blessings from PD 360, the most all-inclusive and powerful teacher professional improvement available.

"We have more to examine on how to make use of the advantages of the program, but one step at a time."
Dr. Michaelene Meyer
Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
Manassas City Public Schools, Virginia


The School Improvement Network is the main provider of instructor training and trainer training, that specialize in on-demand, research-based totally professional improvement whenever, anywhere. As the house of The Video Journal of Education, PD 360, and the Leadership and Learning Framework, School Improvement Network's schooling training resources awareness on the maximum relevant topics

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